Seder Meal – (5th grade through 8th grade)

ICC Social Hall 905 Chestnut Street, Douglassville, PA

The Seder meal is a traditional Passover meal full of symbolism and meaning. It includes several components, such as bitter herbs, wine, matzo bread, apples, and lamb. Bitter herbs are eaten to remind us of the bitterness of slavery in Egypt. Wine is used to celebrate freedom and joy. Matzo bread symbolizes the haste with […]

May Procession 2023

ICC 905 Chestnut Street, Douglassville, PA

The Catholic Church sets aside May to honor and reflect on Mary, the Blessed Virgin. ICA joins this tradition with our annual May Procession. This celebration unites Easter Season and Ordinary Time through reflection on how her active intercession on behalf of the Church brings hope and strength.